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Delmarva Offroad built the DOR Racing with the brand new buggy in 2010 as well as keeps all the maintenance and prep on the buggy up to date.  Delmarva Offroad is an off road fabrication shop based in Salisbury, MD.  Capable of everything from turn key buggies to custom Jeep bumper to your basic lift installation.  Contact them at 443-951-JEEP or visit www.DelmarvaOffroad.com 


F-O-A Shocks provide race proven shocks at outstanding prices!  From plain old 2.0 emulsion shocks to huge 2.5" bypass and coil overs F-O-A has the shock to meet your needs as well as your budget.  F-O-A is race proven with many titles throughout all aspect of off road motorsports.  Check out www.F-O-A.com for more information.


BD Turnkey Engines

BD Turnkey Engines specializes in modern fuel injected engine swaps.  BD can provide customers with the power new LS series engines that range from a stock internal motor with a mild tune and turnkey wiring to a full blown race motor built to lay down some serious power!  BD is located in Reno, NV but can ship you your motor nation wide!  Give Bryan a call today at 775-240-3738.


Quigley Custom Driveshafts out of Manchester, PA builds some of the most high quality driveshafts in the industry.  These things can take the abuse of off road racings and competitions yet still come prefectly balanced to make a great addition your rig!  Give Quigley a call at (717) 266-5631.



Under Cover Fabworks, LLC

Under Cover Fabworks provided the team with brand new and stout 1/4" steel differential covers to protect the pricey gears and lockers.  Under Cover Fabworks offers a variety of skid plates, axle trusses, brackets and tabs to help you build the strongest rig possible.  Visit them online at www.UnderCoverFab.com